The Red Basket

“The past beats inside me like a second heart.”― John Banville, The Sea FleetingStunningly strongThis random memoryRed basket of toysSuffocating LingeringComfort cradleMemories of playtimeRed basket of toysHeartwarming Every now and then, I come across something – a word, an object or simply an emotion and I’m pulled into a memory I didn’t know I had. Stepping into […]

Citizens of the Night

They say the beauty of all things good lies in their mortality, but some things like the starry city or the citizens of the night will always live on, the kind of memory that lingers on after decades, and when the going gets tough, I think this is the memory we’ll all visit – the time we soared the edges of reality with the kindest group of strangers ever.

Artistically Starved

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”― Pablo Picasso This absent determinationWatches over time that simply refuses to haltIn the face of a starved, diminishing soul.Such creative impoverishment is thisWhere words flee and stick figures reignBreeding an utter lack of books –The kind with sweet, homely pages. Caught in […]

Peer Pressure

I decided to write about peer pressure for this prompt because the entire idea of it feels like a chiasmus – it’s even more enhanced at college and I find it curious but draining all the same, haha! It’s exaggerated in terms of human beings not being human because the peer pressure I’ve experienced isn’t cruel at all – it’s just an elaborate scheme of masking one’s personality to be included.