Inktober 2020

I decided to participate in Inktober for the first time in 2020. I loved the idea behind it and felt like taking it a step further by writing a six-word story along with a drawing done in black ink for each prompt.

Inktober logo from Mr Jake Parker

If you don’t know what Inktober is, it is basically a month long event held in October every year where the participants draw something in black ink for the 31 days of October. The creator of this online event, Jake Parker is an American comics short-story creator, concept artist, illustrator, and animator.  Visit for more details and watch the short video below for a quick overview by Inktober’s founder!

October 1 : Fish

So, I drew Dory from Finding Nemo for the ‘fish’ prompt and although she isn’t perfect (her eyes turned out terrible! No, please don’t look again), I liked how she turned out. Let me know what you think!

Six word story:
Fished for cards he never had.

It isn’t quite correct grammatically but what I tried to imply was that we often look for the things we don’t have in life while missing out on what we do have.

October 2 : Wisp

For the ‘wisp’ prompt, I considered so many options and finally decided on this fox with a wispy tail (wisp-a thin, light, delicate, or fibrous piece or strand, such as a streak of smoke or a lock of hair). I found so many like this on Pinterest and used 2 images for reference while drawing this.

Six word story:
 Becoming a phoenix was her will-o'-the-wisp.  

A little story on how it is absolutely fine to dream the impossible.

October 3 : Bulky

I love all things vintage and have often heard people complaining of certain phones and laptops being too bulky in design. Compared to modern day television sets, the old ones are definitely too big and ‘bulky’, So, I decided to combine those two and drew a vintage television set. I am happy with how it turned out. I don’t think I’ve drawn so many rectangles in one sketch before! I used two reference images from Pinterest. Let me know what you think!

Six word story :
'Twas a bulky package containing nothing.

A sentence depicting that appearances can be deceiving and how high expectations could result in nothing.

October 4 : Radio

So, I drew a radio for the prompt by the same name. I drew this from a couple of clip art images I found on Pinterest. I regret having free-handed (is that a word?) the circles but I liked how it turned out resembling a radio.

Six word story:
'Twas a radio that measured lives.

That probably made no sense. I meant that music stays with everyone throughout her life such that it almost becomes a way of measuring a life in a way. Stupid, I know.

October 5: Blade

I have been visualising swords like this one every time I read one of those fantasy stories with knights and witches. I drew this one from a couple of sword tattoo images on Pinterest, I combined this and that from them.

 Six word story: 
Loved ones' blade always cuts deeper.

Betrayals are all painful but when it’s by a friend or someone close, it is just heart-breaking. I’m not that good at these stories as I mentioned earlier. Please bear with me.

October 6: Rodent

For ‘Rodent’, I decided to draw Mickey Mouse! I’ve drawn him three times before in coloured pencils, so the sketching part was relatively easy. The ‘inking’ part was slightly disastrous as my pen kept leaking ink in the most random places. It turned out okay at the end though the curves were a bit rusty.

Six word story:
The world's bravest man feared rodents.

Have you ever known someone who pretends to not be afraid of anything and then freak out when they see an ant? Not a good story, but you get the idea, right?

October 7: Fancy

The first thing that came to mind was one of those tiny bags that women carry around but I didn’t want to draw that. So, I settled on this from a pair of heels. I um.. designed it myself which is why it looks so…weird. They were supposed to be stars but they ended up looking so bad. Oh well. Can you say my fashion sense is the WORST?

Six word story:
Fancy a rib-tickling tale on Halloween?

Tried to go slightly ironic there. As Halloween usually gives off creepy vibes, I felt like making a joke there.

October 8: Teeth

I’ll just start off by apologising. Disney’s Lion King is one of my most favourite movies and this was a very special drawing to me. It started off well but the end result was so scary. I am so sorry.

Ruined Let’s just focus on the teeth. I didn’t mean to make him look so evil.

I felt so bad after drawing the above. So, I drew one in pencil (shown below). It’s a different pose but Timon looks so much better!

Six word story:
Only remnant of her story - teeth.

Okay, this was dark, a poor attempt and terrible grammar. It is generally known that teeth tend to remain intact long after a person has died.

October 9: Throw

The first thing that came to mind when I read ‘Throw’ was a throw-pillow. So, I drew one that I designed myself. Hope that explains why it looks so weird. Here’s an image of it in progress.

And done! Could you say it was a rose in the middle? Never mind. Don’t answer that.

Six word story:
Solution - "Throw fear out the window!"

October 10: Hope

It isn’t my neatest work. It could have had a more defined structure too. Oh well. Hope also means trust in an archaic sense. Trust in the fact that things will turn all right in the end means having all your problems solved. Having all your problems solved implies finding a solution to them all. Now, a key is often symbolic of a solution. Thus, it circles back to the idea of hope!

Six word story:
A sprinkle of hope for peace.

Almost the same idea as mentioned above. If you believe that everything will turn all right in the end, then there is no need to worry.

October 11: Disgusting

For ‘Disgusting’, I drew Disgust from Inside Out. It is one of my favourite movies and while I didn’t like using all black since her greenish colour is a major part of her character, I liked how everything except her eyes turned out. What do you think?(Please don’t ask me what happened to her hands).

Six word story:
Friends who backstab others are disgusting.

October 12: Slippery

So I drew an hourglass. I’ve always felt that time is very slippery indeed.No matter how hard you try to hold on to it, it just slips away.

Since I forgot to take the ‘in progress’ photos for the previous prompts, I took two for this one.

I love hourglasses and they just have this mystical air to them. I think I liked how this one turned out, It does look a tad messy, I guess.

Six word story:
Time - most slippery thing in existence.

It does sound stupid but I hope it makes sense in the current context. Can’t you say this was a last-minute post?

October 13: Dune

I couldn’t see Dune as anything else but a sand dune and I didn’t want to draw a plain desert. So, I drew the one shown below from an image on Pinterest. It isn’t too clean but I liked it as opposed to regular dunes.

And done!

I messed up a bit in the bottom right corner, so I just coloured the entire corner. Now that I look at it, it looks like a raging ocean. But since I’ve told you that they’re supposed to be sand dunes, we’ll just stick to that. *guilty smile*

Six word story:
Her childhood lost in temporal dunes.

I so miss being a child with not a care in the world. The world gets more scarier with each passing day and the more vulnerable I seem to become as I age but then again, I guess ageing makes you at least a little bit more stronger and wiser, right?

October 14: Armour

I know the first thing that comes to mind is a knight in armour. It did, for me too. But, (1) I have no idea how to draw one with all those intricate details and all (2) I wanted to do a different approach and (3) school (funny how that one word controls so much of my life).

So, I drew a stack of books. Considering books to be one’s armour, they defend us from the boring stories of reality. I was inspired to do this after I read the below quote by lewis Carroll which I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
-Lewis Carroll

In progress:


I think it turned out better than I expected it to. I have never been good at getting the perspective right as you can see here. But thankfully, it resembles a stack of books.

Six word story:
Sustained by an armour of wisdom.

I’ve always felt that being exposed to a variety of situations makes one more experienced and wiser in the long run. The wiser one is, hopefully, the lesser mistakes one makes. Hence, wisdom amassed over a course of life lessons sustains you in a way. I hope that makes a little sense.

October 15: Outpost

Okay, as you can see, this did NOT turn out the way it was supposed to. It looks like someone inflated the tower. Anyways, that was supposed to be a tower and a sort of cottage next to it for soldiers to regroup and make new plans etc.

Six word story:
The outpost was all that remained.

I didn’t like this day. Let’s just move on.

October 16: Rocket

Did I like how this turned out? No. Do I love rockets? A big yes!! Oh well. It turned out better than yesterday’s and I like the stars too. (Oh, the problems of doing a last minute post)

Six word story:  His confidence skyrocketed two days later. 

I feel like a lot of these stories would make sense in a paragraph because now it seems like a random sentence. So we’ll just assume that a boy named Joe who is deadly afraid of crowds practised his speech for two days and two days later (from the day he was given the task), he was confident enough to do it. How boring.

October 17: Storm

I spent a little time on this one. Ever since I drew the one for Dune (October 13, see the post here) I have been wanting to do something similar. I drew this off an image I found on Pinterest. The ship/boat isn’t very evident because everything is black but I think it shows okay.

Six word story:
Weathering storms had become her hobby.

Because life is fun *evil laugh*

October 18: Trap

For some reason, I kept seeing a businessman trap his clients in some sort of insurance policy but I didn’t want to draw that. Then I realised I could just draw something that had trap in its name and Venus Flytrap just popped into my mind. I have a vague memory of learning about it in school but what caused me to recall its name so well was because the scene in Ice Age where Manny and Diego are devoured by a plant (temporarily) has been preserved in my head for some weird reason. I used two images from Pinterest for reference.

Six word story:
Joe created traps for a living.

Very poor attempt. Moving on now before you get a chance to think on it.

October 19: Dizzy

I wanted to draw one of those cartoon characters who had stars for eyes and birds circling their heads but I couldn’t find a good reference image. But I found this one on Pinterest which I attempted to draw. It turned out okay in comparison to the original but now that I look at it, it looks like he is admiring the stars above his head.

Six word story:
Dizzy with workload, she ran away.

I’ll leave it to you to guess where she ran away to.

October 20: Coral

This is by far my favourite even though it didn’t turn out great. I like how porous it turned out looking. I think I used 3 reference images for this, all from Pinterest.

And yes, I struggle with writing or drawing straight, even with a ruler. It’s annoying especially when a teacher asks you for a piece of paper and you use a ruler to get the edges clean but end up giving her one with uneven edges because you don’t know how to hold the ruler straight and then the teacher is like

Six word story:
Coral red was her favourite colour.

Yeah, I wasn’t getting anything with Coral. That sounds like a sentence I would write in first grade.

October 21: Sleep

I did tell you that me being shoddy towards Inktober would show towards the end. And this is where it begins. I wanted to draw a person dreaming but sadly, time was not on good terms with me. So, I drew this baby panda, they’re just called cubs. I was disappointed to see they didn’t have a unique name. Oh well.

Six word story:
Sleep is beneficial for happy living.

It is a fact. and apparently the only good living practice I follow. *sigh*

October 22: Chef

I did not like how this turned out. I actually wanted to draw Remy from Ratatouille. But drawings like that and this one too look better in pencil where you can use different shades to bring out the shadows in certain places. So, doing everything with a pen didn’t really work out towards the end here.

Six word story:
Cheffing on boats, he learned fishing.

That sounds so stupid. What I meant was since he is working on boats, he makes a lot of fishy fish centered dishes and learnt to fish so he could have a fresh supply.

October 23: Rip

Again, I wanted to draw a ripped piece of paper or something that was torn, definitely not a headstone but then again, time was sulking and not cooperating with me, so I drew a gravestone which took hardly 15 minutes which definitely shows in the drawing. As I stated earlier, I struggle to draw straight for some reason which hopefully explains why this looks so…flexible.

Six word story:
He ripped the token of gratitude.

Let us just assume some person named Kris backstabbed his mentor who taught him and fostered him, and gratitude was out of the picture or in more brutal terms ‘ripped’.

October 24: Dig

For ‘dig’, I drew a puppy or maybe an adult dog, digging a hole. I think he turned out resembling a dog well enough and actually loved drawing him/her because I love dogs. But I did get the blade of grass at the bac messed up but thankfully could tilt the image just enough to make it appear straight.

Six word story:
She dug out kindness long hidden.

Some people appear so rude and aloof because they’re afraid of getting hurt but still show kindness in the most unlikely of times.

October 25: Buddy

Here, I drew Charlie Brown and Snoopy watching a sunset. I have no idea what they are sitting on. The reference image I used just had them and the sun, so I drew in the sea between them and the sun but I was afraid to go in with a pen, so I left it as pencil.

Six word story:
Jess played with her imaginary buddy.

Not all of us have friends, so imaginary friends are such great companions.

October 26: Hide

I really liked this one even though the shading didn’t turn out quite right. Her, I drew a shy baby Dumbo hiding behind his mother’s leg. The shadows could have been much better but Im still happy with how it turned out!

Six word story:
Hiding from adversities causes worse quagmires.

They’re bound to come back anyway so I feel like it is better to get them over with rather than hiding from them.

October 27: Music

I love listening to music so this was one among my favourite prompts. I like how this turned out even though the lines aren’t smooth and clean. I drew this from an image I found on Pinterest, it could have been a tattoo design but I don’t really remember.

Six word story:
Lost in music when life stung.

It doesn’t sound right grammatically but I’ve often felt that a lot of us find a sort of refuge in music especially when the day isn’t going well. Life has been a constant sting since the beginning of 2020.

October 28: Float

This did not turn out well. For ‘float, I drew this floating castle from Pinterest. I couldn’t erase the pencil outlines well enough and the ink smudged a bit here and there. It looks okay from a distance though.

Six word story:
He floated through difficult life choices.

Being an indecisive person is so hard, it majorly affects your prioritisation skills which in turn leads to bad productivity. I don’t think the story captured it well enough but oh well.

October 29: Shoes

I so wanted to draw just one shoe until I realised it said shoes, so I drew this random person’s legs and feet. I used two reference images from Pinterest for this. It didn’t turn out as clean as I wanted it to and the shoes’ soles look weird too. Maybe it would look better with more lines and dots.

Six word story:
Jake stole shoes for a living.

I wasn’t getting anything good, so I settled for this. I’ve heard of some people who linger around public places and steal shoes and other footwear. So..

October 30: Ominous

I don’t believe in superstitions, so this was a little difficult for me. The actual drawing was okay, it was deciding on what to draw that was hard. I googled bad omens and found crows among the list. So, I decided to draw one. It turned out okay, I think. I personally like crows and love their expressions. I even wrote a post featuring one a long time ago. You can read it here if you would like to!

Six word story:
Their ominous arrival sowed fear everywhere.

Let’s just assume a group of terrorists arrived in a small town and started demanding money and workers. I actually like the word ‘ominous’, it sounds very ominous in itself.

October 31: Crawl

I know, the baby’s eyes turned out inverted. I don’t even know what I was thinking of when I decided to draw a baby in the first place. let alone an eye. I liked the teddy bear but I can’t say the same for the baby. His/her hands and legs are all just wrong in some way. I should’ve just drawn a spider.

Six word story:
He crawled his way to fame.

From Google, crawl also means ‘behave obsequiously or ingratiatingly in the hope of gaining someone’s favour’ in an informal manner. I used the word above in this sense. And I feel a lot of people do rely on flattery to gain acceptance and validation which I’m quite sure most of us dislike.

And that concludes Inktober 2020! Let me know if you have a favourite!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Inktober 2020

  1. Dune and storm in joint third place, trap in second place but storming onto the podium and dancing around in glee is that panda! Love the cuteness of it and if I was ever going to have a tattoo (I’m not) then this would be it! 🙂


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