Citizens of the Night

They say the beauty of all things good lies in their mortality, but some things like the starry city or the citizens of the night will always live on, the kind of memory that lingers on after decades, and when the going gets tough, I think this is the memory we’ll all visit – the time we soared the edges of reality with the kindest group of strangers ever.

The Bus to Nowhere

“I want to give up my bearings, slip out of who I am, shed everything, the way a snake discards old skin.”― Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed The Christmas lights are fading, half-made-up trees on the verge of being completely disassembled and stored away in dark shelves and rooms until their time comes again. Festive smiles […]

Frustrated Love

When the world feels blue, my vision is cleaved by different timelines or interests that ease this loss of purpose. But too much heart often ends up numbing everything out — this world and its constructs, all these societal requirements, dreams, hopes, and love – love for what might be.