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I’m so excited to welcome you all to Random Specific Thoughts – A Dream in the Making!

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This blog was more or less a spur of the moment and is merely a place to archive the ridiculous thoughts I tend to have on a rather, peculiarly increasing frequency. They’re the best time of my day. Getting to write them down and provide them a home is a luxury. (shown above is this blog’s logo)

Random Specific Thoughts started put in March 2019 but wasn’t active in terms of producing content. It turned into an active blog in February 2020 with initial posts being more along the lines of random thoughts and rants. Sometime around March 2020, I categorised my writes and introduced new categories; by the end of May 2020, I believe there were more categories; namely Poetry, Articles and Collaborations.
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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A little while later, I introduced Art and Short Prose in August and December of 2020 respectively. Art is a sporadic category which isn’t considered a primary category; it’s just for the occasional sketches that end up looking presentable.

As of March 2021, in addition to the mentioned categories, Random Specific Thoughts now includes Creative Non-fiction and Lifestyle-ish with articles too being categrised under Lifestyle-ish. I also compiled certain posts to turn them into a series; two of which are currently active – Hidden In Plain Sight and Just A Thought…

Random Specific Thoughts is very much a safe place where I tend to talk and write about anything and everything that keeps me awake at night and I appreciate it when everyone tends to be upfront and honest about their thoughts and seeks to share it. As such, my comment sections are not moderated except for offensive words/language or spam and is often open to discussion and talk.

Thoughtfully yours,

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