summer whispers // collaboration with maggie!

hello friends!

Today, I’m going to be collaborating with Maggie from maggie’s doodles for a summer-inspired poem/illustrations post! Maggie is a tremendously creative blogger and artist who writes on a wide variety of topics, many of her posts also feature her classic doodles!

For today’s collaboration, we each decided to send the other summer-inspired illustrations. And then I wrote poems inspired by her illustrations (read her post here) and she wrote poems for the illustrations I sent, which you can read below!

Gathering flowers
Down by the sea,
I listen and see
What they whisper to me.
They share with me stories
Of long, long ago,
Of places and people
I’ve never known
Of night strolls and walks
Down on the beach,
A place in time
I’ll never quite reach.

Down on the beach
With the sky up above,
The world feels free
As the wings of a dove.
I smile and bask
In the fading sun,
For my late evening
Has just begun.

Beneath the logs,
Forgotten and free,
A family of mushrooms wait for me.
I hold them close
And tell them slowly,
They are my friends
If they’ll ever know me.

Note: My first illustration here, the one with the girl holding flowers was inspired by the featured image Moksha @Happy Panda used in her post titled ‘Why Am I Like This?’ A huge thank you to her for creating such a beautiful featured image and for letting me use it as a reference! Check out her beautifully raw and authentic post here!

Drawing and writing on a summer theme were immensely fun – I’m so grateful to Maggie for collaborating with me on this and for designing this post’s lovely featured image!

Thoughtfully yours,

Check out Maggie’s post to see her lovely illustrations!

48 thoughts on “summer whispers // collaboration with maggie!

  1. Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading!
    Just wanted to let you know Maggie’s post isn’t up yet (timezone differences 🙃)- I’ll update this post as soon as it is.
    Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!❤️

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  2. I loved doing this with you, D!! 😍 I really like the way you formatted my poems. Actually your overall blog design is incredible, I’m not sure if I’ve told you that before! You curated it really well ❤

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  3. Maggie’s poems and your wonderful illustrations are such a beauty together, D! Power of words weaved together with excellent art. Great work. I am in awe of your creativity 💗

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  4. Aw that’s so sweet of you to say! Thank you so much! It was your featured image that kickstarted most of it, so thank you for that!❤️
    I absolutely agree! Maggie’s got a wonderful knack for poetry!


  5. I agree! Maggie is a lovely poet!
    Aw thanks so much for asking! But I’m not really comfortable with sharing a photo and I think that’s a part of Candid?
    I’m so grateful for the kind gesture!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to read❣️

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  6. Photo isn’t necessary. You could send any photo you like not necessarily yours. Something to represent your ideas or yourself. Let me know if you change your mind

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  7. Cool then! Would you prefer mail or whatsapp or any other social media format you want? Also, about questions to some people I have sent all questions at once and to others one question at a time like a conversation. Whatever you are comfortable with, I am up for it

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