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Are you ready to
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Welcome to Living the Blogging Life
the all-new collaborative blogging help website!

Created by Maggie@ maggie’s doodles in October 2020, Living The Blogging Life or LTBL for short is a blog dedicated solely to sharing blogging advice and swapping tips and tricks. Maggie is slowly inviting more bloggers to the team and spreading the word about LTBL! All bloggers are welcome to contribute.

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I am a contributing writer at LTBL along with 11 other terrific bloggers where we share everything we’ve learned about blogging! Click here to learn more about the team!

Latest from the blog:⌨

Designing Hacks (by Introverted Thoughts)

Welcome to Living The Blogging Life! It’s great to have you with us here today! Today, I’m (D here!) going to share a few graphic designing tricks I use to create presentable graphics. Please note that I am not a professional designer. The ideas mentioned below are from my own experience. Getting on with it […]

Creating & using a REUSABLE BLOCK (by Evin)

Hi everyone! It’s Evin here😜 I hope you’re having a great day so far! Welcome back to Living the Blogging Life! and in this post, I thought I’d share a new thing I learnt on WordPress a while ago when I was experimenting with the block editor! and it’s called ~ RE-USABLE BLOCKS. What exactly […]

How To Make A Blog Button (by Madeleine)

Hello! I’m Madeleine, from the blog Whimsical Watercolor 👋 This is my very first post on LTBL! Thanks to Maggie for letting me join! Today I am going to share how to make a blog button with Google Drawings and a couple tips on what you should and should not include in your blog button. […]

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