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hello friend!

So glad you decided to stop by Random Specific Thoughts – a dream in the making! This blog was an impulsive brainchild and I’m so pleased I went ahead with it!

If this is your first time here, please consider giving the About the blog and About me pages a read to learn a bit more about this blog and the person who writes it!

I’ll wait here while you do that! (or if you’re coming from there, read on!) Or you could continue reading for a quick navigation guide!

The Home page is meant to serve as a quick introduction by itself – it’s a welcome page that lists my works category-wise. Click here to visit the home page.

This leads to Paper Hearts (my book blog)!

Now the menu might seem rather confusing, haha! Creative Writing is an umbrella tag comprising various genres which appear as a drop-down menu while Art displays all my art classified as art, Inktober and Handlettering.

I have had quite a few blog series on my blog – hence a whole block to that, haha! Clicking on the drop-down ‘Blog series‘ should take you to a page that displays all the blog series I’ve had till now listed year-wise.

About & Contact might seem a bit cramped at first but I promise it’s not! About me and About the blog are pretty self-explanatory, Contact is where there’s a form for other bloggers to contact me just to chat or discuss collaborations and guest posts! Other Writer Profiles is more of a personal page that lists all my profiles across various writing platforms in one place. Published works, Guest Posts and Collaborations is of a similar kind where I list all my published works, collaborations and guest posts I’ve done on other bloggers’ sites, again just to have them in one place.

Others is more of a miscellaneous box with Button Swap where bloggers swap logos, and a page that leads to a collaborative blog I’m a part of called Living the Blogging Life. If you’re a new blogger or not, haha! – I think you’ll find it a fun and educational place to explore!

Okay, I think I’ve covered my Menu? If you’re still here reading this, listed below are a few of my blog posts that I believe, are more personal than the majority of my posts and by extension, a nod at what kind of person/scribbler I am. I hope you find yourself at home here and find something that you either relate to or enjoy reading!

Thoughtfully yours,

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