Just a Thought

~A compilation of those thoughts that disappear after a brief visit and make no sense later~

Just a Thought… // Inexplicably Weird

We might seem petty and out of place to ourselves….. they make up something huge and amazing. We too, no matter how friendless and alone we are, have a role to play in this adventurous adventure called life.

Just a Thought…#2 // Imagination

I’ve often considered the reason I read. I think it’s because it is the only way that I can live life and the life that I want simultaneously.

(Photo by Sanaan Mazhar on Pexels)


Just a Thought…#3 // Lost Beauty

There is beauty in every nook and cranny but not all are cut out, for the search of a lifetime. It should be abundant like air is, contagious like a smile and brilliant like the sun such that you could never miss it.

(Photo by lizzie on Unsplash)

Thoughtfully yours,
Introverted Thoughts aka D

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