A note! (and Art Niche!)

I recently crossed 100 followers and I am absolutely overwhelmed with shock and gratitude. I love writing and it feels even more great to have you all actually read what I write. So, a huge thank you to each and everyone!!
Secondly, in view of the above unbelievable occurrence, I have planned to start an art page. I’m terrible at drawing but I find it incredibly calming and fun. I have an unhealthy obsession with cartoon characters and most of my sketches are of cartoon or book characters. I’d absolutely love it if you could check out the page here or by clicking the image below! It’s called Art Niche!

Thirdly, I am sorry to say that I’m going to make this blog award free as school has made it a point to take up most of my time. I am immensely grateful for all the award nominations I have received and truly appreciate your kind gestures. But, the upcoming award posts will be my last.

And lastly, I’ve started a new series on my blog titled ‘Awfully Thoughtful’, the first post of which I uploaded a few days ago. Check it(dear diary,) out here!

I genuinely hope everyone is staying safe and would like to conclude on a grateful note. Thank you so very much for sticking around!