Button Swap

After a few experiments, some of which went hideously wrong (don’t even get me started), I managed to get these newfangled thingies blog buttons up. A huge thank you to Catie from Catie Blogs for her help!

And if you are also new to this idea, it’s basically just an image with an inserted link. Then you share these image(s) called ‘blog button(s)’ with other bloggers who put it on their page while you put their button(s) on your page.

Here are mine!

So, now I can finally swap buttons with you all!

I have two different blogs:
Random Specific Thoughts for articles and poems and all sorts of random stuff.
Paper Hearts for anything and everything related to books! This is my book blog.

And here are yours!
Just click on any one to be teleported to their amazing worlds!!

Catie’s blog:

Jul’s blog:

Raven’s blogs:

Eleanor’s blog:

Sara’s blog:

Maggie’s blog:

Shanessa’s blog:

Diamond’s blogs:

Hailey’s blog:

Evin’s blogs:

Bea’s blog:

Srisha’s blog:

Addie’s blog:

Co-Co’s blog:

Indie’s blog:

Kenechi’s blog:

Lrose’s blogs:

Jirah’s blog:

Chloe’s blog:

Selina’s blog:

Lizzie’s blog:

Renee’s blog:

Cari’s blog:

Ana’s blog:

Neria’s blog:

The One Who Always Talks’ blog:

Aanya’s blogs:

Meg’s blog:

Reese’s blog:

81 thoughts on “Button Swap

  1. Hi! Sorry for the second update in a week. Happy Easter! I changed the design of my blog button, will you please update it? Sorry for the update again this week.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Eesh here, remember me? We swapped with my bright light shine button, I opened a second blog, It is of designing where I’ll design many things like I can design blog button, sign off, blog makeover and anything of wordpress and other than wordpress it’s 100% free and just u have credit me after I design, Should I design something for you? ANYTHING like wallpaper and all?
    Please follow that and reblog my first post of second blog and if you wanna swap with my blog button of second blog just comment in that section please.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sure! That sounds like a good initiative. No, thank you. I design my graphics by myself. I’ll check it out. My button swap page is rather long already; I’m sorry I don’t think I’d want to swap with your second blog.
    I hope it goes well though!


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