Withered Homes

War is what happens when language fails.
― Margaret Atwood

Tokens of an era that flew past us, plague these desolate streets. There are posters from political campaigns, advertisements for miracle pills and the odd ‘For hire‘ poster in neon yellow. No one roams these streets anymore, save for the occasional bus commuting passengers, lost in realms of their own making.

People change, and their interests and thoughts do too. For some, however, they simply lose sight of humanity.

The streets are lined with houses, dwelling places once called homes by strangers to this world they find themselves in. Faded paint and odd paraphernalia are all that remain, hinting at erased lives and untold fables.

It must be a painful phase – having to grow out of home, instead of growing up in one.

So many memories and stories, all rendered obsolete by a singular moment of impulsive rage, agony or desperation.

These buildings stand strong in spite of being stripped of their identity, the long-lost whispers of families pleading for a return to the good old days when purity reigned and being human was the norm.

In dark alleys and among false promises have we lost our ways – paths where one too many lies roam free. A suffocating world must this be, where liberty is murdered in cold blood and all are forced to conform. Kind words come like a breath of fresh air, only to be snuffed out by booming noises that draw life away.

But if you listen closely, with your ears held to the walls and the ground, the vibrating air tells a different story; draped in loss but far from desolate. Tethered to homes, souls chained to courage, come soaring they – who call all brethren and walk strong with green pastures and blue skies in mind.

All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.
― John Steinbeck


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Hello friends! I hope you’re all doing great! I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump and unable to write anything whole-heartedly.

I’ve been meaning to write about what’s going on in the world and the above, while based on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, was inspired by a half-built house I see on the way to school. I hope you had an interesting read, albeit not comforting.

On a lighter note, Easter is around the corner and I hope you have a lovely weekend with your loved ones!

Thoughtfully yours,

23 thoughts on “Withered Homes

  1. We are all amateurs
    we are nature in nature
    we are related to all living beings

    war is that
    if the hubris of men
    and the generals
    in their morality
    with the win
    banished the enemy from the earth
    the indivisible human dignity
    so that it is trampled on

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  2. This was beautifully written however, it is a very difficult topic to discuss. I loved it D!
    Glad to see another of your posts pop up in the reader, its been a while!
    I hope you have a lovely Easter. (:

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  3. D, it is always a wonderful treat to read you! I hope that whatever you do in life, wherever life takes you, that you continue to write. Maybe your “writing slump” was just a resting up for this gorgeous piece. I appreciated learning about where the inspiration for this came from. ✨ Best to you!

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  4. I absolutely agree. It’s horrifying to watch what’s happening around us. Thanks so much for reading! Wishing you a happy Easter ahead!❤️


  5. Thank you, Sylvie! Aw..I agree, but it’s something that must be addressed and stopped.
    I’m so happy to hear that! Haha, it sure has! Regular posts will have to wait till June, thanks to school 😂
    I hope you’ve been doing great! Happy Easter to you too!❤️


  6. Aw that’s really kind of you to say! Haha, I sure hope so too! I find writing to be a cathartic way to give form to what I want to say.
    Thanks so much! I’m glad you think so! Writing slumps are painful 😂
    Thank you so much for reading and leaving a lovely and encouraging thought! Hope your weekend is going splendidly!❤️

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  7. Aufschlussreich geschrieben und auch wunderbar gesagt! Ich danke Ihnen für das Teilen!
    Entschuldigung, dass ich nicht früher geantwortet habe.

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