Timeless Christmas Carols

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I wrote this as a guest post for Tia’s Blogmas 2020 at her amazing blog, Tall Blonde Tales! I thought I’d repost it here because a) it’s about Christmas carols and b) I’ve been rather caught up with school to write something new. Hope you have a fun read!

A/N: This article previously mentioned that the carol ‘Silent Night’ was originally written in Dutch. winteroseca @ Third Culture Kid Can kindly mentioned the original version was written in German and the requisite corrections have been made. Thank you, winteroseca!

“The spirit of Christmas exists in harmonious carols like those sung by angels on the day of Christ’s birth.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich

December shouts Christmas! and what better to signify Christmas than good old Christmas carols? According to Wikipedia, “A Christmas carol is a carol on the theme of Christmas, traditionally sung at Christmas itself or during the surrounding Christmas holiday season.” 

There’s nothing that can get you into that perfect Christmas mood other than a good, Christmas-y carol! So, in today’s post, I am going to be listing 5 timeless Christmas carols that get you feeling all happy and radiate that beautiful Christmas warmth. Let’s get into it!

Jingle Bells

How could I create a list without including the famous Jingle Bells? This timeless, widely popular and frequently sung Christmas carol wasn’t even intended to be a carol in the first place.

Written by James Lord Pierpont (1822–1893) and published under the title “One Horse Open Sleigh” in the autumn of 1857, this song was originally written to be sung by a Sunday school choir, on Thanksgiving

It came to be associated with Christmas decades later when Johnny Pell performed it in 1857. From Wikipedia, “The rhythm of the tune mimics that of a trotting horse’s bells. However, “jingle bells” is commonly taken to mean a certain kind of bell.” Listen to it here or click the one below!

Little Drummer Boy

The second one on our list is the old classic, Little Drummer Boy. I’ve listened to this song so many times over the years and it is one of my absolute favourites! I love everything about it! It has a catchy melody and conveys a beautiful story.

It is believed to have been written by the American classical music composer and teacher Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941. It tells the story of a little drummer boy who attends The Nativity of Jesus and how he plays his drum for baby Jesus.

Did you know the song was originally titled “Carol of the Drums”? It was because of its lyrics that imitated the sound of a drum. Check it out here or below!

Mary, Did You Know?

With the lyrics written by Mark Lowry in 1984 and music by  Buddy Greene in 1991, this song comes up third and has absolutely beautiful lyrics with an enchanting and almost thoughtful melody. Although it did meet with quite a bit of controversy regarding the questions the lyrics posed and the message it conveyed, it was received well by the general public and continues to be a widely sung hymn at Christmas. Go here or click below if you would like to give it a listen!

Silent Night

Composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics by a priest, Joseph Mohr, this is a classic Christmas carol without which Christmas almost feels incomplete. Did you know he wrote that song because the church organ broke and he needed music for his midnight mass?

It was sung on Christmas eve in 1818, shortly after it had been written. The lyrics describe a calm, bright night and the joy caused by the birth of a saviour. Check out the original German version here!

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

The final song in this list is one that was written way back in 1739. The composer, Charles Wesley was an English leader of the Methodist movement, most widely known for writing about 6,500 hymns!! That’s a huge number and it’s even more interesting to note that this hymn is still one of the most sung carols during Christmas centuries after it was written!

It is often noticed for its theologic aspects and mention of a lot of names by which Christ is known. Why don’t you listen to an old version here or below?

There you have my five favourite Christmas carols!! I love Pentatonix renditions as well but I wanted to focus on the old ones more. Decorating homes, putting up trees and singing carols are all just a part of getting into the Christmas spirit.

As Toni Sorenson puts it, “The true Christmas spirit is putting others’ happiness before our own, and finding you’ve never known such happiness.”

From December 2021 to May of next year, the months are specked with exams albeit, with breaks in between, but it might be a few months before I can get back online. However, I’ll try to pop back in every now and then, especially for Christmas! The posts for October, November and December have been scheduled beforehand.

As always, I appreciate your constant support and look forward to reading your posts as soon as I get back!

25 thoughts on “Timeless Christmas Carols

  1. Deepthy, this is such a beautifully presented and festive post. I enjoyed your collection! I am with you – “Little Drummer Boy” is one of my favorites. 🎵💖 I hope school is going well and that you enjoy your holiday break.

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  2. Aw I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you so much! The exams were a bit difficult and sadly there’s more to come. I absolutely appreciate your kind support!🤗❤️

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