bad art, clouds & poetry #2 // revisiting old pencil sketches

From December 2021 to May of next year, the months are specked with exams albeit, with breaks in between but it might be a few months before I can get back online. However, I’ll try to pop back in every now and then, especially for Christmas! The posts for October, November and December have been scheduled beforehand.

As always, I appreciate your constant support and look forward to reading your posts as soon as I get back!

Thoughtfully yours,

42 thoughts on “bad art, clouds & poetry #2 // revisiting old pencil sketches

  1. The witness to a beautiful world
    where we got her sweet blood
    and our tears
    on flower leaves
    should let drip

    the soul has all of us
    in her lap
    in their hands

    the world needs
    not our creative spirit
    in order to make other people
    on our side
    in the stream of our supposed power
    to better shores
    flow up and on
    another planet
    the disabled people
    to blossom anew in the universe
    to allow


  2. I see no bad art… only beautiful cartoon sketches! These are awesome. I especially love your toothless drawing.
    AND THE POETRY. Your writing is artful and gorgeous as always. Poems 2 & 3 were my favourite.

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  3. Art is sUbJeCtIvE. What’s good to me may be bad to you and what’s not bad to you may definitely be bad for me😉 Get some glasses for your perspective!😂
    But thank you so much for the ✨ encouragement✨

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  4. Aw thank you, Sarah! Ahh yay! I’m so pleased you liked that! It’s definitely one of my all-time favourite movies!
    Aw that’s really kind of you to say! Glad you liked them!💕

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