bad art, clouds and poetry #1

I’ve lately been wanting to do an utterly random post with nothing but images (and a bit of text for context), so here it goes! If you’re on the Reader, I’d suggest reading this here because the images tend to scrunch up in the Reader.

I’m so sorry about the lighting – still working on taking normal photos.
Images used for reference have been linked to the caption.

Reference: Pinterest
Reference: Pinterest
Reference: Pinterest
Reference: Pinterest
Reference: Pinterest
Reference: Google
Reference: Pinterest

58 thoughts on “bad art, clouds and poetry #1

  1. Wow, what a colourful post today. Loved all the art dear D. ❣️❣️ I love all the poems but my favourite is tears stream down my face ….. ❤️❤️ That’s so true and relatable. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post dear D. Much love 🤗🤗

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  2. Poem was *chef’s kiss*
    D D D D oh em geeeeee the first two artworks are GENUINElY gallery worthy… they’re FANTASTIC!! The mushroom one is just done so beautifully. Awesome work on the woman’s half face too!!
    MARVELLOUS post. You should 1029848970189% do more of these- I would read the ever loving h e c c out of them~

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  3. Aww I love this post style!! Your poetry is beautiful and your artwork is amazing 😍❤️ Awesome post D!!

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  4. I’m so happy you found it so! So glad to hear that! Aw that means so much to me! It was one of my first ever poems ❤️
    My pleasure! Thank you so much for your constant love and support! Much love to you too!🤗💕


  5. Aw thanks so much! Wow, that’s overwhelming 🥺 but I loved the astronaut too (even though the blue border looks horrendous 😂)
    Ahh thank you – so glad you think so! The reference was black and white. Ooh I’m so relieved you think so – her cheeks were h a r d😂
    You’re the kindest – I might do more of these (in all honesty, this was a desperate post because none of my drafts make sense yet😂)
    Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and share your views! This just made my day! ❤️

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  6. Yay, glad to hear that! I agree – I’ve been rather busy with school, so it felt good to take a break. I’m so happy you do! Aw you too! Thank you so much for your kind words!🤗❤️

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  7. This post is truly bursting with beauty and creativity. The words, the drawings… they’re perfect.
    You’re so talented, D. Keep up the wonderful work. 😍

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  8. Wow, that means a lot coming from you, Sarah! I wasn’t very sure of how this would come across.
    Aw thank you so very much! It means a lot!❤️
    Haha, I wish I was😂
    Thanks again!


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