This Brown Skin

I see the way you look at me,
With pity in your eyes,
I see the hatred in your gaze-
But this brown skin, it’s a prize.

I feel the disgust you throw my way,
It’s really hard to miss…
But this brown skin, it is evidence-
Of the Sun’s loving kiss.

I will still go out and play,
And if I get “duskier”, then that’s fine-
This mahogany wood, it gleams and glows,
These desert sands, they shine.

The colour of my skin is perfect-
And trust me, yours is too,
This darkness, it’s beautiful-
And deemed ugly, by who?

Hey, guys!! How’s it going? Normally, I try to explain the meaning behind my poems in this section. But there’s not really all that much to say for this one, is there?? Dark or light or salt white…The colour of your skin does not matter. It’s l i t e r a l l y just a difference in melanin.

Well, that’s all!! Have a FAB day!!

stay sticky,

95 thoughts on “This Brown Skin

  1. Amazing work, D!!!! You always write such thought provoking, inspiring and beautiful pieces!!! I absolutely love your poetry! Well done my friend, hugs and love 🖤🤗

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  2. Right??! It’s funny that racism even exists, because scientifically, white skin is a genetic mutation that by chance happened to be selected. The first humans were dark skinned!! I don’t mean to offend anyone, but hey- it’s the truth.

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  3. Thanks so much!! Totally- it’s really just a difference in the melanin concentration. I’ve written about it on Science-tastic! if you’d like to know more!!

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  4. Such a thought-provoking poem! Your flow of words is splendid and it surely makes humanity question all the ill and unneeded practices. Way to go!!! 😊

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  5. Thank you!!!
    Yeah, racism is really silly. It’s about time something as silly as judging someone based on whether they’re brown or black or white is a thing of the past!!

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  6. It really is!! I’ve actually gone into more detail about that on my other blog, should you want to know more!!
    Honestly… Racism, among other such things, is what is holding us back from achieving greater things. It’s about time racism was gone!!

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  7. I LOVE THIS POEM.It reinforces what I believe that we all should be proud of the “skin we’re in.” Because of this, I sill STOP describing myself to my friends as “fish belly white.” LOL

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  8. A wonderful, and well written poem that went deeper still, but came back rosier. I love this, especially the “sun kissed” part, but also how “the color of my skin is perfect, / and trust me, yours is too.” Ah!

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  9. Thank you so much!!
    There’s actually a book which has a similar title to the phrase you said- it’s called The Skin I’m In. I haven’t read it, but it seems cool!!\

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  10. Yeah, it was a guest post! Not to worry, though, D is plenty talented herself XD!!
    I do have another blog where I showcase all the things I write. You don’t necessarily have to, but if you’d like, feel free to check it out!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  11. Yeah, you did- thanks for that!!! But I wasn’t talking about Science-tastic!, I run two blogs. ❤

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  12. Yes, I loved this poem. #Brown Pride.
    Racism makes me sick. One reason I love this poem so much (another [small] reason is that it was very well written). Keep it up.
    This poem makes me think of Dark Skin by KB (check it out, it is a very good song. It is also clean).

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  13. Ayyyyy brown love for the w i n
    Racism is just very… bleargh. And it’s counterproductive!! How are we ever going to advance as a species if we keep shunning people because they’re dark?? So stupid.
    Thanks so much!!! ;D
    Seems cool- I’ll check it out!

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  14. Hehehe. Soy Mexicano (pero Americano y Canadiense tambien, aunque un poco menos). And you?
    Yes, very counterproductive. Despite all the protests that occur in this city of Chicago, this city isn’t even improving much.
    Please do! Tell me what you think of it.

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  15. It’s an amazing, amazing song!! I’m not Christian, but the song is beautiful and impactful nonetheless. ❤
    Thank you for telling me about it!!

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