Let it flow, let it bloom // Introducing Thoughts Gallery!

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.”
― Leo Tolstoy, The Kreutzer Sonata

Let it flow, Let it bloom

In glory of nocturnal hopes,
We set down in hearts of stone;
Memories of promised dreams,
And arm ourselves
With our voices
To cure decades of injustice

As we let go
Of whispers from the past,
We make room for words left unsaid,
As new wills and
Dreams are birthed.

Bear witness, we do
To the petals that drip
Blood, sweat and tears;
As we build a new world
To let souls of beauty, flow and bloom

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Source: Wikipedia

Observed in April of every year, “Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is an annual campaign to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence.” {Wikipedia}

Jasmine @ Rose Tinted Spectacles shared a heartfelt write regarding the same, something I believe would resonate with almost everyone at some level or the other. Sadly, as she says, this is not a rare event or limited to just women. Sexual Assault is yet another growing evil, that needs to be eliminated at the roots possibly through awareness, education and precautionary steps along with stronger implementation of laws and rules. Speak out against it whenever required; maintaining an apathetic attitude towards issues like this just fuels their growth and prevalence.

Moving onto a lighter note, after a good bout of overthinking, I’m so excited to introduce you to Thoughts Gallery! This is basically a takeover/guest posting week which will happen in the third week of every month (Thursdays and Sundays unless mentioned otherwise) where I’ll share, reblog or exhibit one of your posts!

How this works is you can send any one of your posts, previously published or not, and I’ll post it here. Takeover implies whoever posts on that day gets to take over Random Specific Thoughts for that day, I won’t say or write anything in the post (including responding to any comments it may receive!). The blog is all yours for the day!

I think this is a great way to expand the diversity of posts on here, get to know more writers (and personally, it’s also a weekly hiatus for me!)

A few things to be noted are, reviews (of books, products or anything else) are not encouraged and posts you send in should have a good takeaway or provide a good reading experience. Make sure you also include a short bio somewhere in the post!

If you’re interested, please fill in the form below or click here! I look forward to seeing you here!

Thoughtfully yours,
Introverted Thoughts aka D

91 thoughts on “Let it flow, let it bloom // Introducing Thoughts Gallery!

  1. D, what a beautiful post! I absolutely love it…the title and the first line is amazing! So simple but soooo perfect!!! Your poetry is always phenomenal!! And I love your new project, that’s such a cool idea!!! I’m sure so many will appreciate and it’s a great way to get other blogger’s names out there!! Well done you!! Keep inspiring and changing the world!! The Universe is lucky to have you!!! 🖤🤗

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  2. Good initiative dear D ❤️❤️❤️. Weekly hiatus is is very much needed 😀😀
    Waiting to see new posts from different bloggers.
    The poem is beautifully penned!You always inspire me with your thoughtful posts. 🤗🤗 Keep up the great work 🤝

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  3. What a GREAT idea!! Love the poem- and read as well as commented on Jasmine’s post. Truly awful.
    I can’t wait to see all the different, diverse posts from new bloggers. Who knows… Maybe I’ll send some in too XD
    I have a feeling this is going to be FANTASTIC. Good luck, D!!
    stay sticky,

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  4. What a go-getter you are! Your invitation will create an even stronger and collaborative blog community, not just on your site, but your efforts to bring people together will extend outward. 👏🏻 Your poem is sophisticated and includes several rich phrases. A letting go and a looking forward. I love it! 💖

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  5. BTW-Yours is the third reference to words unsaid I have seen this week, after writing notes about that very topic a few days ago. Two poems and one magazine article. Coincidences. ✨ I think my thoughts are turning into a poem. We shall see. 😄

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    • Oh wow! I suppose it’s something that’s very relatable. I tend to use varying forms of the same as in “live unloved”, “stories unwritten” and so on😂
      That sounds lovely! I’d absolutely love to read it if you do share it!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your thoughts! 💕

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      • Yes, true, it is a relatable experience. Thank you, I think the idea will turn into my Saturday post… unless the words decide to stay unsaid. 😂 You are most welcome. 🌞

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    • Thanks so much! Please feel free to share anyway! I added that requirement just to avoid really long writes because I read about short attention spans 😂, but I personally wouldn’t mind anything at all as long as it’s appropriate. I’m sure many would find your story interesting!


      • I was thinking about this earlier today…

        My blog is a continuing story, but most episodes are written in a way that they can be read and appreciated without knowing the whole backstory.

        I just pulled up the most recent one, which was of average typical length, and I got a word count of a little over 3000. If I shared a post for this, would you want me to edit it down to 2000, or would you want to me to pick one that is short specifically, or is that not the biggest concern right now? You did say you wouldn’t mind anything.

        Also, where does religion, Christianity specifically, fit in as an appropriate topic or not? My character’s faith journey is a big part of his story, but I specifically want to write in a way that makes the story accessible to all, being honest about the character’s faith (which, of course, is based on my own faith journey) without being excessively preachy or trying to cram anything down anyone’s throat. Is it acceptable to share a story that centers around specific Scriptures or the character learning something important about Jesus? And is it acceptable to share a story that is set in a context like a church group or a Bible study, if the story has more to do with friendships and relationships than specific Scriptures or beliefs?

        Are there any specific episodes of my blog that you would like to share, if you remember anything I’ve written in that much detail?

        Also, about being appropriate down to age 12, there are a few episodes of my blog that probably are not. Of course, it’s not just gratuitous sex or gore or anything like that; the ones I’m thinking of are mostly about the character’s struggles with sexuality and temptation in the context of his new and growing faith. I wasn’t thinking of sharing one of those for your project, but does the fact that a few stories like that exist on my blog mean that I can’t share a more age-appropriate one here?

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      • That sounds good!
        I personally don’t mind the word count here as this is more along the style of a story and does require a bit of description.
        Religion and Christianity in particular is appropriate as long as it doesn’t belittle or criticise other religions. I think those are fine.
        I’m afraid I can’t remember any one in particular but I’d appreciate it if you share one where your character learns something or has an interesting experience; something that would both help and captivate potential readers!
        I suppose that’s fine, since you’re not sharing it here. I do have young tween friends who read occasionally which is why I mentioned that as a requisite.

        Thank you very much for your kind support! I hope it’s a bit more clear now.


  6. You, D, are an Absolute-Amazing-Awesome artist. (Basically I’m all A’s for your work!! 😁)

    The poem was too too good and the two quotes on beauty resonate with deeper implications✨

    Moreover, your effort in bringing unheard writers and poets to the forefront using the enormous support base you have is commendable.

    I really…You have… My genuine appreciation for your latest initiative, “Thoughts Gallery”.

    Wishing you the best of luck!! 💖

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    • Oof Ana, you’re making me blush 😂

      Aw.. thank you so much! That means a lot!💕

      Not at all, I just felt like expanding the diversity here and there’s so much to learn from everyone here!🤗

      That means a lot and I’m ever so grateful for your constant support!! Thank you so much, Ana!💖

      I apologise for being so late, this was in spam along with quite a few other genuine comments 🥺

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  7. Die Hässlichkeit
    ist der Bruder der Schönheit

    beide sind im Ereignis
    durch die Erfahrung
    in unseren Erinnerungen
    in unserem Da verankert

    wir meiden die Erfahrung
    des Bösen
    und meinen uns damit
    als die wahrhaftig Guten

    das Leben will
    in allem werden
    und vergehen
    über unsere
    sich erheben

    das Leben
    unser eigenes
    liegt nicht der Macht
    der eigenen Hand

    kein Herz ist aus Stein
    es schlägt
    in jedem Menschen

    niemand darf
    seine Stimme
    mit einem Wahlspruch bewaffen

    Menschen sind keine Dinge
    auf die man gerichtet
    sie zum Besseren zwingen darf

    wir sind alle unvollkommen
    entweder aus Absicht
    oder im unbewussten tun

    der Traum macht
    keine Versprechungen
    er steht über
    unserem bewussten wollen
    zu unserern Entscheidungen

    das Bessere üben
    dem verstehen
    von dem was der Taum uns
    zu neuer Einsicht sagen will

    die Vergangenheit
    der Erinnerung holt uns ein
    dem was wir in unserem tun
    verdorben haben

    was wir selbst
    an dem Ort wo wir sind
    nicht änderen können
    das müssen wir ertragen

    die Wahrheit
    ob schön oder nicht
    hat niemand
    in Worten
    und seinen Taten
    zu Besitz

    die Gewalt gegen andere
    beginnt damit
    die eigenen Weltanschauung

    die eigenen Bedürfnisse
    ohne Rücksicht
    im eigenmächtigen tun

    in einer Prämisse
    für andere aufzubauen

    ein jeder Mensch
    hat die Pflicht
    sich darüber
    sich selbst
    in sein Gewissen
    zu reden
    sich zum Besseren
    die Umkehr zu üben


  8. This was beautiful, D. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for helping to raise awareness for sexual assault: that’s really important and I appreciate you speaking out about it. ❤ I'm also looking forward to seeing what you'll be featuring in the thoughts gallery! That's a really sweet way to support other bloggers!

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  9. Your poem is so beautifully penned!
    Thank you for bringing awareness to sexual assault in this post, so needed including in online spaces.
    Brilliant idea and initiative “Thoughts Gallery” wishing you all the best.

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  10. Hey there!!
    So, I’m not sure if you’re going to be seeing this before tomorrow, but I had a very tiny small last request. I’m terribly, terribly sorry about telling you this so late- but in the featured image you’ve designed, would it be possible to add in Science-tastic! too?? Like, “Guest post by peanutbuttersandwiches @ Celestial and Science-tastic!”
    Only if it’s possible, of course. Once again, I really am so so sorry about this last minute change. Really sorry for the trouble…
    Thanks so much!!
    stay sticky,

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