✨A Golden Christmas✨

 “ ‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”
Mark 9:23

It feels like a red and green day today. But it isn’t necessarily because of Christmas, those two colours are often paired for Christmas but the day feels reddish-greenish because that is how this year has been. As we approach the last few days of an eventful year and observe Christmas day today, the red and green very aptly seem to symbolise the bad times and the good times.

The ‘Golden’ in the title which is a shade of yellow, alludes to the yellow colour you get were you to mix equal parts of red and green paints. Or that’s what I meant originally. Wikipedia provides a better reason.

The traditional colors of Christmas decorations are red, green, and gold. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, which was shed in his crucifixion, while green symbolizes eternal life, and in particular the evergreen tree, which does not lose its leaves in the winter, and gold is the first color associated with Christmas, as one of the three gifts of the Magi, symbolizing royalty.

In essence, this year has been a plethora of various events resulting in a diverse collection of memories, haven’t they? You have the green right there. Change that was forced on us, change that we accepted and distorted to fit our newly acquired, strange lifestyles.

But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.
-Psalm 9:18

The red was the number of lives that the virus claimed everyday and continues to, the numerous people who lost their jobs, the distinct increase in crime rates, the decline in mental health and the fatal hit global economies sustained.

Red and green are complementary colours like black and white, portraying the ever present element of fragile balance that our existence thrives on. Tip the balance and a catastrophe is born. Keep it up, and life goes on.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day.
– Helen Steiner Rice

On this Christmas day, let us take a moment to remember the numerous souls the virus claimed, the problems that this pandemic has caused in all spheres of life but at the same time, exhibit gratitude for the virtues that prevail and for all who continue to serve us in times of need. In this Christmas season, let us come together and spread joy and light up everyone’s souls, even if it is for just a day and satiate ourselves with the firm hope that the light never falters in the dark.

And you have the golden right there. Pure, concentrated goodness. A huge bundle of love, hope and joy, just waiting to be opened and shared!!

Wishing YOU a Merry Golden Christmas!

The true Christmas spirit is putting others’ happiness before our own, and finding you’ve never known such happiness.
― Toni Sorenson

81 thoughts on “✨A Golden Christmas✨

  1. Frohe Weihnachten, guten Tag.

    Der Glaube an jemand, der von sich sagt, er sei Gott, das war mir nie Ereignis, in keiner persönlichen Erfahrung.

    Menschen die in Not, sind der Würde, wie jene, die Reichen, die Satten, die Mächtigen dieser Welt, auch wenn sich niemand um sie kümmert.

    Das Wirtschaften, das Tun und Lassen, ist uns rund um den Globus der Alltag aller Menschen. Nicht um Gewinn, um Macht, sonderen, die Sorge dem Lebensunterhalt.

    Das Leben geht in unseren Nachfahren weiter.

    Der Friede, in uns selbst, wird vielleicht nie gelingen, der Versuch tagtäglich zum Besseren liegt jedem in seiner Hand, in seiner Verantwortung.

    Der Schulung und Erziehung, aus dem was die Seele jedem zu sagen hat, auf seinem Lebensweg, von Geburt bis in das eigene Ableben.

    Das Licht zur Unterscheidung von gut und böse ist jedem, in seinem Bewusstsein als Keim gelegt, zur Rechtfertigung und der Verantwortung in jedem subjektiven Moment.

    Die Gabe des Geistes besteht darin, den eigenen Schatten durch zu arbeiten, damit das eigene Übel keinen anderen belastet und trifft.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma


    Merry Christmas, good afternoon.

    The belief in someone who says he is God, that was never an event for me, in no personal experience.

    People in need are of dignity, like those, the rich, the satiated, the mighty of this world, even if nobody cares about them.

    Business, doing and not doing, is everyday life for all of us around the globe. Not about profit, about power, but rather worrying about livelihood.

    Life goes on in our descendants.

    The peace, within ourselves, will perhaps never succeed, the daily attempt for the better is in his hand, in his responsibility.

    The training and education, from what the soul has to say to everyone, on his life path, from birth to his own death.

    The light to differentiate between good and bad is to everyone, in his consciousness as a seed, for justification and responsibility in every subjective moment.

    The gift of the spirit is to work through one’s own shadow so that one’s own evil does not burden or strike another.

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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    • Ich glaube, jeder hat das Recht zu entscheiden, an wen / was er glaubt. Weihnachten feiert zwar die Geburt Jesu Christi, aber es ist auch eine Zeit der Liebe, Hoffnung und Freude.
      Das ist eine Aussage, über die man nachdenken sollte!
      Absolut! Einige Aspekte des Lebens ändern sich nie.
      Genau! Es ist wichtig, nach Frieden zu streben und für das zu kämpfen, was richtig ist.
      Tiefgründige Aussagen! Das Licht ist in der Tat ein Teil von jedem, aber nur wenige neigen dazu, es auszustrahlen.
      “Die Gabe des Geistes besteht darin, durch den eigenen Schatten zu arbeiten, damit das eigene Übel einen anderen nicht belastet oder schlägt.” Ich könnte nicht mehr zustimmen!

      Ich wünsche Ihnen frohe goldene Weihnachten! Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, Ihre tiefgreifenden Ansichten zu lesen und zu teilen!

      I believe everyone is entitled to choose who/what they place their faith in. Christmas is indeed celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ but it is also a season of love, hope and joy.
      That’s a statement worth pondering!
      Absolutely! Some aspects of life never change.
      I agree! It is important to strive for peace and fight for what’s right.
      Profound statements! The light is indeed a part of everyone but few tend to radiate it.
      “The gift of the spirit is to work through one’s own shadow so that one’s own evil does not burden or strike another.” I couldn’t agree more!

      Wishing you a Merry Golden Christmas! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your profound views!

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  2. Wow!
    Your words are so uplifting, hopeful and beautiful. Reading this filled my heart with warmth and literally gave me goosebumps.
    Well said about the whole red-green analogy…

    Wishing thee and thine a very Merry Christmas!!

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  3. Wow. Your post was so thoughtful and educative for me. I never knew how the colour gold came about or the significance of the red and green colour. I am well taught now. I love the last quote too. Merry Christmas to you💕

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  4. Lovely post and very positive! I did not know that about the colors of Christmas. Makes me see the their significance in a whole new way. Hope you have a great Christmas!

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  5. Merry Golden Christmas D!!
    Such a beautiful and touching post! I loved the Bible verses you shared as well!!
    Hope that you had an incredible Christmas!!

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  6. Hi D this is Anushka. I tagged u for a Never ever have I ever book tag! Pls participate, I would love if u do.. ❤️☺️ It’s a fun tag and I know you will enjoy doing it! 😊 Thanks Anushka

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