Once blank pages
Now shelter stories
From far away lands.
I find myself lost
In that realm of uncertainty and dread
One never ventures out into.
Guided by the flickering light
At the end of the tunnel,
I drift through the pages
Bound by pride and love,
Of a pre-written fate
A life, left unlived.
Lost in fate’s embrace.
I lose my soul
In the reality of what could be
For the child in me
Never stopped wandering.

I’m not quite sure how this poem comes across. The meaning at the core is how once children grow up, they are subjected to this pre-planned life just because they have grown up. So, in the poem the person is shown exploring the pages of their life that has already been planned out for them but then at the end they choose, to deliberately lose themselves to satiate their inner child’s desire to explore. Thank you for reading! Open to constructive criticism and feedback as always!