Inktober 2020 | Week 2

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the second week already. You’d think that with me being caught off guard by the flight of time EVERY.SINGLE.TIME, I’d have at least gotten accustomed to it. But, no.

Before we begin, make sure you go and wish Srisha @ Sky and Soil a very happy birthday!! She’s an amazing friend who radiates so much positivity and never fails to cheer us up when one of us is feeling down! Not to mention her natural talent at coming up with names! And while you’re at it, do check out her stories as well. They’ll keep you laughing for a few minutes or days!

Any other minion lover out there?

Moving on with the post, here are the seven drawings from the past week (October 10 to October 16 i.e today) and the accompanying six word stories.

Week 3

October 10: Hope

It isn’t my neatest work. It could have had a more defined structure too. Oh well. Hope also means trust in an archaic sense. Trust in the fact that things will turn all right in the end means having all your problems solved. Having all your problems solved implies finding a solution to them all. Now, a key is often symbolic of a solution. Thus, it circles back to the idea of hope!

Six word story:
A sprinkle of hope for peace.

Almost the same idea as mentioned above. If you believe that everything will turn all right in the end, then there is no need to worry.

October 11: Disgusting

For ‘Disgusting’, I drew Disgust from Inside Out. It is one of my favourite movies and while I didn’t like using all black since her greenish colour is a major part of her character, I liked how everything except her eyes turned out. What do you think?(Please don’t ask me what happened to her hands).

Six word story:
Back-stabbing, lying friends are truly disgusting.

That was a little too brutal, I guess. It is more of a statement but it is made up of six words. So, I’ll just move on. (it’s obvious this was a last minute post, isn’t it?)

October 12: Slippery

I first thought of drawing a person who was about to slip on a banana peel but then decided against it since everything would be black/white and I didn’t feel a banana peel would look good in black since the yellow colour is what would have made it look more comical and all.

So I drew an hourglass. I’ve always felt that time is very slippery indeed.No matter how hard you try to hold on to it, it just slips away.

Since I forgot to take the ‘in progress’ photos for the previous prompts, I took two for this one.

And done!

I love hourglasses and they just have this mystical air to them. I think I liked how this one turned out, It does look a tad messy, I guess.

Six word story:
Time – most slippery thing in existence.

It does sound stupid but I hope it makes sense in the current context. Can’t you say this was a last-minute post?

October 13: Dune

I couldn’t see Dune as anything else but a sand dune and I didn’t want to draw a plain desert. So, I drew the one shown below from an image on Pinterest. It isn’t too clean but I liked it as opposed to regular dunes.

In progress:


I messed up a bit in the bottom right corner, so I just coloured the entire corner. Now that I look at it, it looks like a raging ocean. But since I’ve told you that they’re supposed to be sand dunes, we’ll just stick to that. *guilty smile*

Six word story:
Her childhood lost in temporal dunes.

I so miss being a child with not a care in the world. The world gets more scarier with each passing day and the more vulnerable I seem to become as I age but then again, I guess ageing makes you at least a little bit more stronger and wiser, right?

October 14: Armor

I know the first thing that comes to mind is a knight in armour. It did, for me too. But, (1) I have no idea how to draw one with all those intricate details and all (2) I wanted to do a different approach and (3) school (funny how that one word controls so much of my life).

So, I drew a stack of books. Considering books to be one’s armour, they defend us from the boring stories of reality. I was inspired to do this after I read the below quote by lewis Carroll which I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
-Lewis Carroll

In progress:

And done!

I think it turned out better than I expected it to. I have never been good at getting the perspective right as you can see here. But thankfully, it resembles a stack of books.

Six word story:
Sustained by an armour of wisdom.

I’ve always felt that being exposed to a variety of situations makes one more experienced and wiser in the long run. The wiser, one is, hopefully, the lesser mistakes one makes. Hence, wisdom amassed over a course of life lessons sustains you in a way. I hope that makes a little sense.

October 15: Outpost

Okay, as you can see, this did NOT turn out the way it was supposed to. It looks like someone inflated the tower. Anyways, that was supposed to be a tower and a sort of cottage next to it for soldiers to regroup and make new plans etc.

Six word story:
The outpost was all that remained.

I didn’t like this day. Let’s just move on.

October 16: Rocket

Did I like how this turned out? No. Do I love rockets? A big yes!! Oh well. It turned out better than yesterday’s and I like the stars too. (Oh, the problems of doing a last minute post)

Six word story:
His confidence skyrocketed two days later.

I feel like a lot of these stories would make sense in a paragraph because now it seems like a random sentence. So we’ll just assume that a boy named Joe who is deadly afraid of crowds practised his speech for two days and two days later (from the day he was given the task), he was confident enough to do it. How boring.

And that was all!! Check out my Inktober 2020 page if you’d like to see the previous drawings and daily updates. Thank you so much for reading! Hope you liked them!

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55 thoughts on “Inktober 2020 | Week 2

  1. I absolutely LOVE the hourglass!!!😍
    And the outpost looks EPIC!!!! I can see what you’re seeing with it looking a bit like an inflated tower, but only because you said it.
    Overall, great job with Inktober so far!!!❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh how I love absolutely everything! I don’t think I could choose! I especially like the creative use of slippery, but then everything else is great too. Outpost was a really hard prompt, but I think you did fantastic.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Back to the kindergarten,D,? You better save your considerable intellect (is it in the drawer today?) for this
    and next Saturday’s Discovery posts (World Wide Web).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If only it were that easy to go back. Actually, drawing requires a reasonable amount of intellect as well, so it was never in a drawer.
    Looking forward to them as always! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!


  5. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!❤😍😍I love them all!! You really have a talent for ink sketching!!👏🏼👏🏼
    Omg… when was Srisha’s bday?!
    The key looks enchanting!! 💕🌹👏🏼😍Like it would unlock the door to hope!!😉😁
    The sand glass is so neat and per-fect!!👏🏼😍
    The sand dunes are so delicate and pretty!!❤
    But I think the rocket is aweesssooommmeee!!!😍
    Love, Amy


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