It is after all so easy to shatter a story. To break a chain of thought. To ruin a fragment of a dream being carried around carefully like a piece of porcelain. To let it be, to travel with it, as Velutha did, is much the harder thing to do.
― Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things

It was a journey similar to the one a leaf undertook in its departure from the tree, that sheltered it all these years. Like the autumn season could symbolize new beginnings, this journey was the start of a novel story. A new beginning, birthed as the past shed its deceptive visions that penetrated, through the kaleidoscope of the moment, one so desperately strived to make the most of. A story that was yet to be written in the pages of time.

Have you ever wondered what goes through a leaf’s mind as it drifts towards the ground only to hit rock bottom? How it feels lost as everything around sheds what differences they had, for once and for all? As the world takes on a different dimension? What it, thinks as the visiting breeze carries it off to an unknown destination? The prevailing sense of mystery was similar to the anxiety one held for their future.

It’s funny how the season is termed ‘fall’ overlooking the rising, that would follow shortly after the fall. Not everyone chooses to remain on the ground, after all.

Photo by Jara on Pexels.com

Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.
― Andrea Gibson

Time proceeded on his beautifully merciless path as always, a new page being added to the story with every turn taken, while elsewhere, a family of three mourned the loss of their only child. Like a feather, did the soul, leave its physical self to embark on an ethereal adventure. Only this time, there was no bottom for it to crash and no breeze to carry it along. Is it true that death is the beginning of a new life? Or is it freeing of a soul from its earthly obligations?

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost

Akin to the leaf’s fall coinciding with both the the start and end of two stories, would the start always provide a glimpse of the end? Why is it that there are constantly more questions than answers? Or are the questions answers in themselves?

Why is it that the journey matters more than the destination? When one undertook the journey to get to that destination in the first place? Funny, isn’t it? When one is told to make the most of life when there are ideas, thoughts and questions that you don’t know how to phrase yet. And right when you’ve found, the right variables to put in that one equation that has been persistent in causing your foundations to come tumbling down; a lifetime is suddenly, hardly any time at all.

Does a leaf have to go through so much internal conflict to rise again? Or could all of it be an illusion waiting to be uncovered and exposed? But are we truly fated to dwell in this state of perplexing love for life, enslaved to mysteries birthed in thoughts?

I am the master of my fate,
 I am the captain of my soul.
Walt Whitman, Invictus

(Featured image by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash)

98 thoughts on “Fall🍂

  1. Whoa I love how you wrote this! Beautifully penned D ❤ as always, your posts get me thinking and pondering things in a new way!

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  2. Wow. Just wow. You wrote this so beautifully!!❤😍 It seemed to be written by a MA of English!!❤😂🤗
    I never really thought about what a leaf experiances….🤔
    You are really very very ‘thoughtful’👏🏼😉😂😊🤗❤❤
    Love, Amy

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  3. Life is full of contradictions, in itself it might be arbitrary. That is why it is upto us to seek or give it the meaning we wish to find. Thought provoking piece! 🖤

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  4. Your questions are interesting, makes me wonder what goes in your head when you wonder. And I do think about plants all the time, how they perceive reality, what is life for them, and how they go about things. I suppose fall is fall because this is the reality of things. Sure, spring is coming, but for now, everything is dead.

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  5. Oh gosh, I missed reading and writing such deep posts!! This was gorgeous, and yet relatable to our lives if we think about it!!

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  6. Glad you think so. My head wouldn’t be a pretty place then😂
    That’s amazing! It’s quite interesting to wonder how they perceive reality. I agree. Autumn signifies new beginnings in a way while spring is more along the lines of a rebirth.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your thoughts!!

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  7. I read your magnificent, erudite treaty at 2 o’clock am. I couldn’t
    write at that time, and morning brought 40 emails, all very kind, and so I am writing now. Professionally speaking, D, you are an exceptional writer.I need time to read your philosophical work properly, and I will write again. As it is, I love it. You have my full admiration. Thank you.

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  8. Eine Geschichte
    bleibt im Gedächtnis
    der Menschehit

    Gedanken kommen
    und gehen wie
    der Wind

    der Traum
    die Sprache der Seele
    wiederholt sich
    dem uneinsichtigen

    erst wenn
    ihr tägliches
    für uns im Schlaf
    im Wachsein
    von uns erfüllt

    mag man sich
    auf eine
    neue Reise


    A story
    remains in the memory
    the human hit
    to keep

    Thoughts come
    and go like
    the wind

    the dream
    the language of the soul
    the stupid

    Only when
    her daily
    for us in our sleep
    while awake
    fulfilled by us

    one may to a
    embark on a new journey

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  9. Ich bin in meinem Hause
    nicht mein eigener Herr

    Meine Seele führt mich
    seit meiner Kindheit
    durch unsicheres Gelände


    I am in my house
    not my own master

    my soul guides me
    since my childhood
    through unsafe terrain

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  10. I really appreciate you translating your poems from German to English so that non-German speakers can also read and relate to them.
    I absolutely loved this poem, especially the part where dreams have been showed as the language of the soul.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share this marvelous poem!!

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  11. I highly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to read and share your views on this post.
    Thank you so much! I’m humbled you think so. I’m in awe of the deep research you put into your posts as well.
    Thank you, once again!

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  12. Oh, it’s more than descriptive. It’s clever because it works on more than one level. It’s the kind of writing that writers like me can only aspire to. It’s kinda brilliant.

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  13. Dear D, I just had a one-hour long laptop ‘freeze’ and I couldn’t access your blog or mine. Just wanted to thank you for writing such a magnificent review. It is so spirit-lifting, as I try to write something interesting, memorable, and useful.
    Thank you again.


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  14. Guten Tag.
    Wir sind voller Widersprüche. Nur der Mensch kennt die Willkür seiner selbst. Die Seele hat jedem seine eigene Bestimmung und Bedeutung. Niemand muss nach dem Sinn des Lebens suchen. Der Sinn ist, dass ein Mensch lebendig bleibt und ist.
    We are full of contradictions. Only the human being knows the arbitrariness of himself. Each soul has its own purpose and meaning. Nobody has to search for the meaning of life. The sense is that a person remains alive and is.
    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  15. Herzliches Dankeschön,

    Was dem anderen im Herzen aufleuchtet
    sind seine eigenen Gedanken
    die er mit der Anschauung
    zu seiner Einsicht gemacht hat


    Thank you very much,

    What lights up in the heart of the other
    are his own thoughts
    which he with the intuition
    made to his insight

    Kind regards
    Hans Gamma

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  16. Thank you gor this post. I now fond myself in the fall of life facing the two roads in the woods, planning to take the one less traveled. It is painful to rise, but what choice do we have.

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  17. So true. All terrain is unsafe for the soul if God and Jesus are not there to help us through it. As humans, we tend to be drawn to the unsafe much of the time.

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  18. You do amazing things with your writing. I am believing your thoughts are just introverted enough to perceive the point of perfection with what they transmit through your pen to the paper. How you do that amazes me! Keep writing, girl!

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  19. Good day.
    Whoever has God to help him, to him, it is grace.
    In my experience it shows …
    I must have my sins, my shadows, my inability, all of that; Carry and endure my cross since childhood, on all my paths.
    With kind regards
    Hans Gamma

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