I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
― Thomas A. Edison

Written in memories of old
Are stories of stars once told.
For by virtue of their resilience
Did they make the most of their silence.
Bruised souls and bleeding scars
Facilitated them in going past the bars,
Society once imposed on them.

Once lost in the valley of despair,
Living lives beyond repair,
They still shone through the gloom
Lighting up paths through the horror that loomed.
Under the noonday sun, they toiled
For virtues lost and soiled.

A life forged in fire,
Birthed in the cosmos
And lived for others,
Is where inspiration arose from.

This is something of an ode to all those people who have inspired us at some point in our lives, an acknowledgment of their struggle and hard work. It was also recently posted on Lucy’s blog @ Lucy’s Works. Her poetry is phenomenal and she writes short fiction as well.

This is also the fifth and last post in the ‘Awfully Thoughtful’ blog series.You can check out the previous posts in this series below:
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Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you think!

68 thoughts on “REACHING”

  1. Oh yes, it’s at this point that I call for my old questions about meaning. They try to seduce me. I have to dig a hole and bury them. Then they claw their way out like zombie questions and litter up the place with their moans and clacking teeth. Where’s that sword?

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