Confusion is a luxury which only the very, very young can possibly afford and you are not that young anymore.
― James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

Roots of a long forgotten past
Are dragging me deeper into
The depths of lost memories
I once chose to ignore.
Thirsty for recognition
And craving attention,
They are plaguing me from within,
Clouding my sense of realisation,
Depriving me of the
Child I once was.

Tossed between society and norms,
In a world of instability,
Where I am merely a pawn.
The blossoming future beckons to me,
An elusive dream
That has been reduced to an illusion.

Memories and dreams
Have evolved into vague thoughts and 
Taunt me for my ignorance,
As I attempt to comprehend
This chaotic beauty,
Perplexion at its best.

I just exist,
A song without a rhythm,
A dark, cold flame.
I hear a heart beating,
But was it ever beating for me?

We’re all mad, the whole damned race. We’re wrapped in illusions, delusions, confusions about the penetrability of partitions, we’re all mad and in solitary confinement.
― William Golding, Darkness Visible

On a side note, I recently opened an art page featuring some of my more presentable works. I’d love it if you could check it out here and leave some feedback!

32 thoughts on “PERPLEXED”

  1. Introverted Thoughts, this is a very well-constructed poem. I like the way you portray the passing of childhood and moving toward an uncertain future. The world is in chaos right now, but we can hope for brighter days ahead! You deserve to inherit a better world. I am afraid your generation will be faced with many challenges! All the best! Cheryl

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  2. I LOVE THIS. You’re so good at verse! The description and symbolism really shine through. This piece is like perfection. The beginning, middle, and end were all perfect. Each sentence was absolutely necessary. Thank you for weaving such a beautiful tapestry in my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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