Inspiring Bloggers’ Tag

I would like to thank Dulcy@Stories for tagging me! Check out her blog here where she posts amazing and insightful stories.


1.Thank the person who chose you.
2.Include the logo in your post.
3.Answer the questions asked to you.
4.Choose the bloggers who’ve inspired you (maximum 10)
5.Add a feature of their blog which you admire.
6.Ask them five questions.

Her questions (and my answers):

1.Your favorite short story from O. Henry ?
The Last Leaf, absolutely.

2.Do you like MATHS ?
I do, it is one of the subjects that doesn’t have a lot of constraints on it.

3.What about cooking?
NO. I don’t like food in general and I don’t enjoy cooking either. I used to like baking but almost everything that I baked ended up unfit for human consumption. So..

4.Your phobia?
I don’t like taking photos. So, is photophobic
a condition?

I tag:

1. Life is a Snap, isn’t it?
2. What’s The Gist!?
3.The Doodler
4.Em Ee Jee Blog
5.Chloe’s Thoughts Blog

My questions for you:

1.Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
2.An inspiring quote you live by?
3.Which is your favourite book and why?
4.What is one thing you would want to change in this world?
5.Which is your least favourite subject? Why?

That was all for this post! Thank you!