Perfect Paracosm

It’s an essential requirement to have your very own Paracosm. A world you can retreat to when society shuns you. Friends you can turn to when the world betrays you. A place to mourn silently when trust is misplaced and promises are broken.

My Paracosm was created when I was six years old. I didn’t know it was called a Paracosm then. To me, it was an imaginary world filled with friends. Of course, as a kid, I was obsessed with pink princesses and made myself a queen just to feel the pleasure of being respected.

“It is only through fiction and the dimension of the imaginary that we can learn something real about individual experience. Any other approach is bound to be general and abstract.”

― Nicola Chiaromonte

Over the years, it’s become more than just an imaginary world. For starters, the idea of a pink queen has been obliterated completely. It’s a safe haven now. No matter what everybody says, there are periods in our lives when we need to be alone for a few moments. A few moments where we get to know ourselves better, where we get to reflect on our lives so far. We need it because there are facts of life you experience, not facts that you learn. There’s no book on how to live like ‘Living 101’ because every individual’s life is different conditioned by circumstances and incidents. You need a Paracosm to escape to just to calm yourself down. Reading books work better than any other solution but you can’t carry a book wherever you go (I mean real books, not e-books). Trust me when I say, there is nothing wrong with having imaginary friends even if you are an adult. Sometimes, we need it. Period. Only you can create your Perfect Paracosm because nobody else knows you as well as you do. It is never too late to evoke the child in you.

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(Always lost in thoughts, firmly anchored to dream-world but existing on Earth) Just an introverted teen who loves to read, write, and draw. I mainly post articles, poems and random thoughts. I use words for expression but pen them down for catharsis. Open to constructive criticism and any kind of feedback! P.S I also have a book blog, called 'Paper Hearts' under the name, Bookish Thinker!

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