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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

Some find it difficult to believe that books could be a person’s best friend, others think it’s ridiculous to make reading one’s hobby. Books come in many shapes, sizes, colours with varying personalities just like people do. Although they can’t literally talk, they speak through words we can’t hear, but can feel.

A book is always written by a person who is unique in themselves. It is an exhibition of that person’s perceptive knowledge or his/her ability to imagine. Sometimes a book may even be a pathway to the deep and unexplored places of a man’s mind. Anything that is written by a person be it a story, a poem, an article or an essay is always unique and different in the sense that it’s author is a unique individual.

A book may be singular in terms of speaking but once you delve deeper into it, you’ll realise that the ideas and thoughts that the books beholds is anything but singular. The concepts, the ideas, the characters each with a different personality etc. just make the book seem a new world in itself.

Reading books not only widens our perspective towards life and everything but also opens up newer avenues for opportunities. It can be a source of inspiration or sorrow.

Just like food, air, water or shelter, books too are a necessity. Books are the keys to worlds that remain unopened to many. There’s a world for each of us out there. Each book makes up a small adventure as we venture out into the marvelous world of imagination.

But then again, not all books are fictional. Non- fiction is a genre of books that shows us the true face of mankind. Some help us in relating our lives to other lives out there. They don’t make life exciting, they make us aware of what ‘living’ really means. They make us feel grateful for everything we have. Above all, they help us realise that our lives could be someone else’s dream.

Books have a huge heart simply because they remain unaffected by evils like greed and hatred. They will always have a big heart, ready to help anyone who’s curious enough to explore their pages, even when humans fail to do so.

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