Saturated by the Billions

The world around is eerily quiet or it’s probably just in my head. As I keep one foot after the other and walk at a steady pace, my skin shudders with each second of earthly contact. The murmurs in the air, the fading footsteps that seem to be echoing, the heavy drag on the air around as if I’m pulling it with me and the throbbing vision of making a rip in the fabric of time, keep me terrified of moving further but the need to appear on time does it for me.

A Glance, I Implore –

I saw you approach cautiously, undoubtedly a result of those nasty stories you’ve been hearing about me. You seemed to be 7, a child yet to know the world, a life spent in sheer joy at every waking moment. I once knew a little girl like you, she’d bring her friends over and we’d have a splendid time playing hide and seek.

Every Mess is Mortal

A systematically crumbling world, politically wrong, economically weakened, and blackened with the loss of lives. All of it sustained inside a thick cloud of hope.

The Whisper Gallery

Come forth and listen –
To the whispers thriving in the atmosphere.
Take a glance at pain and joy, dancing
On the soft meadow, against clouds
That look like turtles.

The World Around Us

Hello! My name is Maya, and I run a potter-y random blog called PottahWand! I’m really excited to write this guest post on Random Specific Thoughts! It’s called ‘The World Around Us’, and it’s about our environment! The autumn air is filled with delicious scents of roasted hazelnuts – my village’s very best. The red,…

The Cassette Store

I was born into this strange period that served as a transition bridge from what was new to what would be new. I grew up watching recorded movies and listening to songs on cassette tapes, something that my parents had a proclivity for collecting – and today, my life is all but dependent on screens with an almost instant access to all the information I could need.

Dear Tom and Jerry,

Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?― Sarah Addison Allen, Lost Lake Dear Tom and Jerry, Life’s not the same anymore. Almost half a century after the final story on your lives was aired, your adventures continued to keep me in tense…

Lost Luxury

Newspapers take peoples’ tragedies and force the world to experience all of it.― Rebecca McNutt, Listen is Silent, or The Usurer Centuries older were youWho reduced everyone to an ignorant child.As the sun rose everyday,At my doorstep you arrivedWith fresh tidings ofNovel ideas and events,Of deaths and horrifying stories. Man’s truest chronicler were youWho told stories the…

Thoughts Dump #2

Hey everyone! This is not a regular post. I’m just going to be breaking down a few recurring thoughts and talk about them and address them today. I suppose a few of you may have noticed a decline in my liking/reading/commenting i.e engagement with you all lately. It’s honestly not and never was a personal…

heart & soul spill – art

Gone are the days when art conveyed a crisp image of the perfect stick figure, with straight lines and a plump, round head. Now every cloud, every scrap of discarded paper and pencils too short to use are all masterpieces to eyes tired of a bleak image, that the world radiates, facilitated by greed and…